Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Night in Guangzhou

So tonight is the last night in Guangzhou.  Even though this is the best hotel I've stayed in for the whole trip with a super awesome breakfast buffet...I have to say that I can't WAIT to get home.  Tomorrow we go to the consulate and do the swearing in ceremony. Then we fly out to Beijing.  We spend the night there and fly home early the next morning. 
We took our red couch picture today.  Grace looked super cute.  Later I'll explain why ours was only by ourselves. 
We also visited the Children's Hospital to see about oxygen for the plane...that in itself could be a blog...imagine Grand Central Station with parents and children and cashier/pharmacy/information booths with crazy lines that really aren't lines with little boys peeing in the courtyard and parents holding these broomstick like poles that held the IVs for their children.  One word...CHAOS...the doctor didn't give Grace a prescription for O2 but gave her sedative like meds if she freaks out.  I hope I don't have to give them to her.
I've started learning how to deal with my daughter's temper tantrums.  I sit next to her but I turn my back on her.  She finally stops.  She loves to throw things and slap things so we're working on those issues too.  I got her to sleep but she always has a meltdown right before. She doesn't want to go to sleep and frankly I can't blame her.  She doesn't know what she might be waking up to. 
This will probably be my last blog from China.  I'll be busy packing and getting ready to leave. 
All in all, this was a VERY interesting trip. 
Jamie Jennings


Denise said...

Well, it sounds like Grace is gonna be a typical 2year old with temper tantrums and all. =) I'm glad you're working things out and finding your own way of dealing and coping. I LOVE her little pink outfit, she looks SUPER cute! The Hospital sounds like "fun", I would have been a mess. lol Good luck on the trip home and I can't wait for you to be back in the states.

shannon astwood said...

Thru your blog we've seen you both evolve from two seperate people to being a family. You look like you've always belonged to each other. I read somewhere that being a Mother is like having your heart live outside your body. It's true-and your heart is amazing!

Sandra said...

Ah, Shannon, I read your comment, and tears just sprang to my eyes. So true about feeling as if your heart lives outside your body! Very well said!
Jamie...welcome to toddlerhood!

You guys have a good flight - try the lollipop thing on the plane - good distractor.

I can't wait to see her!

Love you! Sandra

Grace said...

Just remember temper tantrums make her normal...thank God for that! AND...If you can ignore a two year old tantrum you are going to be an amazing Mom, just like we all knew you would be. I am praying that your trip home is uneventful and that you and Grace arrive home safe and sound.