Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boy, I must have pissed off the Man Upstairs!

Guess who has the chicken pox now? Yep, that would be me...the girl who never had them. There are in my mouth, scalp, face, back, neck, trunk so far. I'm praying that it doesn't last very long. I think I already have more than Grace did. It sucks. I'm most concerned about Grace's appointment on Tuesday. I'm going to have to call the pedi cardiologist and ask him what they want me to do. I'm also concerned that my mom will get it. Let's say a prayer that she doesn't. I'm really trying not to cry over this, even though I really want let's see...the bright side is that I can stay in my pjs for the next few days. Poor Grace though hates to be cooped up. She's an action girl. Getting her to sleep tonight was tough. She didn't take a nap (well, she took about a 45 minute one around 5ish). I didn't bathe her because I'm still trying to figure out this pox thing. She was just mad and kept trying to slap me or gouge out my eyes. She thinks pain is funny...did I mention that she was mezmorized by that show Wipeout this evening? Ate her dinner watching it.

I hope that nobody else gets the pox. It's such a vicious circle. I thought I wouldn't get it since I didn't break out earlier. It's been a while since Grace finished her pops. Oh well. C'est la vie. At least Grace will have a good story to tell her friends about her homecoming.


Grace said...

You seem to be getting a year and a half of mommyhood inductions all at once. Guess God doesn't want you to miss any of the "FUN". Hope you feel better soon.

Sandra said...

Pox in your mouth? My goodness! What are your symtoms, besides the itchy red marks? Are you having any more fever episodes? Go ahead and will feel better. If it turns out that you cannot go to the hospital on tuesday, then I can meet up with your mom there right after summer school (I can be there by 2:30). Or, even if you can make it, I can be there anyhow, just for an extra pair of hands. Think about it and let me know.

Luna said...

Ohhhh you poor thing! I just thought I'd pop in to check on you and Grace. So far, no pox in our house! I didn't realize that much time could pass before you get them. *Gulp* Don't worry, I won't hold it against you or Grace if Ava does end up with it. I could never be mad at Grace...She is way too cute!!