Monday, June 08, 2009

She's offiicially Mine

Again, I don't know why I am up at 3:20ish a.m.  I really should be sleeping but it has been an emotional day.  Grace did so well when we went to the CCAA office for the official adoption paperwork.  Our first family photois so horrible...i look mad and tired.  I really wasn't mad, stressed and tired though.  She really loves watching other kids.  I saw her smile and kind of laugh a few times while watching the older kids of our group play and the other babies.  She's very introverted and introspective.  We went to dinner at this great Chinese restaurant. REALLY good food...didn't get to eat much of it because Miss Grace was fussy and just didn't know what she wanted.  We found out from the orphanage directors that she doesn't like to be held (but right now that's all she wants but she's not happy about it either)...she does this weird eye thing where she'll blink hard and then roll her eyes back in her's kind of scary.  She finally had a pee-pee diaper.  YEA!  Still no poop.  We're going to get poop tea from our guide later today.  We also get to go shopping at Wal-Mart today.  Did I tell you she hates the ergo carrier too?  Sometimes she'll stay in it but then she starts seriously fussing.  We had a rough night.  We gave her her first bath and she screamed like a banshee...she was soooooooooo mad.  She turned blue, which is hard for me to see my daughter look like Violet from Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory.  It took a long time to get her down for bed and then she woke again like two hours later shrieking.  I picked her up and held her close and got her to bed.  My arms and legs and back are so sore...who needs the gym...I really should have practiced lifting weights before.  One of the good things is that I have lost some's due to stress and not being able to eat much.  I pray that in the morning, we'll make some more steps right?  Thanks for your kind words, thoughts and prayers...keep them coming...this has been a hard time for all of us.  I know my baby girl is super scared and is grieving.  I hope all is well in San Antonio.  Miss you all and hugs!
Jamie, Grace & Grammy


Denise said...

Yay!!! What day do you come back...I KNOW you aren't gonna want visitors and I told you I would wait to let YOU call me, but I just want to know when you'll be back in the states. Thoughts and prayers! Miss ya!

Kimberly said...

Oh, Jamie, she's beautiful! Congratulations!!! I am a friend from RQ and have bookmarked your blog, in anticipation of traveling next week for our "Gotcha Day". I am living vicariously through your experiences. Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful Grace!
~Kimberly, aka YellowButterCupp

Ken said...

Jamie, this is Joanne,Kristen's mom, and your "first family photo" is beautiful...someday you and Grace will sit and laugh and hug when you tell her the story of how your world became complete.
I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Grace is beautiful and loved by many.
Take care,

With love, Joanne