Friday, June 19, 2009


You know that song by Motley Crue, "I'm on my way...Home Sweet Home"? I kept hearing that song each time we landed and boarded a plane the past 48 hours. Now that I am home, I'm so thankful. The flight from Guangzhou to Beijing was crazy nuts. It was an hour late and then you had to get on this bus at the gate and then climb this huge amount of stairs to the plane with a baby, a stroller, 2 backpacks and 2 other suitcases that the airline wouldn't check in. Then we had to do it again when we landed in Beijing. I broke the handle of the new suitcase we bought for Grace. Not pretty but we survived. On the flight from Beijing to Tokyo, Grace slept most of the way. She slept halfway on the flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis. She slept on top of me and I couldn't get up to pee or anything. Finally, we made it from Minneapolis to San Antonio. She was fussy at the beginning of the flight. But got better after she pooped. It was fun changing her in the airplane bathroom (and she hates being changed).

She didn't want to sleep in her crib. She slept on me last night from 3 a.m. to 6ish. I turned on HSN for the white noise. My family came over and watched her so I could sleep for a few hours. Bless them! Grace loves her cousins and her Aunt Jackie & Pa. She's sleeping now and my mom is holding her. We have a doctor's appointment (actually one for a new doctor and one for the original doctor I chose on Wednesday) on Monday at 8:00ish. My sister is concerned with the congestion.

I guess it is safe to say it now that Grace got the chicken pox (that's why she had the high fever the first night we had her). The skin thing? Yeah, it was the chicken pox. She's over it now...hasn't had a breakout and they are crusted over. We almost didn't get to leave because of it. The doctors couldn't decide what it the woman doctor got overruled by the senior male doctors. I felt horrible that we exposed all the other kiddos but we didn't know what it was. I am praying nobody in our group gets it. I've never had it. I'm praying I don't get it. We stayed away from everybody else the last few days when we realized what we thought it was. (that is why we don't have a group red couch photo. As soon as I scan it, I'll post it.


Denise said...

So so so glad you're home! Glad you had a safe flight! Missed you!

Terry Ramirez said...

I am so glad that ya'll are safely home. Grace is absolutely gorgeous!

Grace said...

Wow! What an adventure...when Grace asks how she came to be yours, you will have an exciting story to tell.

She looks pretty comfy on Grandpa. Get some rest, girl!