Sunday, June 07, 2009

Less than 1 Hour!

Holy Cow!  I'm going to be a mom in less than one hour.  I wasn't nervous at all this morning but all of a sudden I am.  I'm running around in circles trying to make sure everything is ready.  I'm sure I have forgotten something but it is what it is.  My stomach is a little tight but not to the extent where I feel that I'm going to throw up.  When I stress, I tend to become the chicken with its head cut off.
The flight to Nanchang was good.  It was a little bumpy.  They served us breakfast on the airplane that wasn't half bad (scrambled eggs with peas and carrots, hash brown, fruit cocktail, a hotdog, and a croissant).  Our guide took us to the grocery store across the street from our hotel and I was reminded of some of the grocery stores in Laredo.  The prices were dirt cheap.  I had to try their version of oreos and I got texas grilled bbq lays potato chips because I've been craving salt (which isn't great since my ankles really swoll up on the flight and is finally going down).  I'm still perky.  Mom's back and hip are bothering her but she keeps on trucking.  She's stubborn just like me. 
Nanchang itself is pretty cool city (not temperature wise).  There are so many people on bicycles and scooters and it seems that there is no rhyme or reason to the traffic flow...people just go it seems whenever they want but there are no accidents.  The people are friendly.  This girl was trying to tell me to put my basket down (I'm so used to lugging it in line that I'm used to it) because it was very heavy.  She was trying to show me to put it down but I didn't get it and I accidentally I squished her finger with the basket handles.  I felt badly.  Communication is harder here in Nanchang.  Not as many people speak English.  You have to communicate with hand gestures.  But I have to say, I already like the vibe of Nanchang.



Sandra said...


She is sooooo beautiful! You don't worry about all these little things like not being able to work the nipples well. That very same thing happened to us. It takes time to learn how everything works out for your baby. She will probably have some detachment issues from her nanny, but over time, and it WILL take time, she will come to trust, depend, and love you, because you will do whatever it takes to be an AWESOME Mom. The best thing I can tell you is to take everything ONE step at a time, and let yourself cry as much as you need to. You WILL feel better if you do this. I will tell you a little known fact that I cried EVERYDAY the 1st 3 months I had Holly - yup, I had postpartum depression, and I kept it away from most everybody - I didn't even share it with Rex, although I think he may have suspected it.

I have a question - is it safe for Grace to fly home with her heart condition? I have been praying that this condition she has would "heal itself", like we discussed earlier on. Can you discuss it with the airline, to see if there is some special deal she can have - like a flat surface to lie down on?

When you get home, I will be in the middle of summer school, but we get out at 1:45. I plan to visit you guys often and help out however I can. In July I can help you whenever, as much as you need me. If you need me to stay out of your hair, I can be that girl, too - and w/o being offended, because I understand.

Keep keeping us posted.