Friday, June 12, 2009

Leaving for Guangzhou in the A.M.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Nanchang....we're off to Guangzhou to do the American side of the adoption.  I've enjoyed Nanchang for the most part.  It's really a fascinating place and I think I would enjoy it more under less stressful and tiresome circumstances. 
Grace woke up at 4 a.m. this morning and took maybe, maybe a 30 minute siesta. She was whiny and grumpy all day.  She went from happy to pissed in a blink of an eye.  Grammy had to watch her for about 2 hours while I did paperwork.  I hear my darling daughter was a total  handful.  We finally got her to sleep around 7:30ish this evening.  I hope she will sleep through the night.  I had to give her a little bendadryl because she's got the itchies all up and down her arms...looks like hives or bites...not sure what.  She's getting new teeth too and she was grabbing her ear so I'm thinking maybe an earache.  The flight to Guangzhou is going to be super duper fun!
Even though it was an early morning, we decided to make the best of it and go to the grocer store across the street.  I had her in my ergo on my hip and we were able to get te banana she loves and some water.  On the way back, several older ladies came up to us to admire Grace.  They also wanted me to cover her legs (she was wearing capris).  Every morning they practice either ballroom dancing or tai chi.  It's super cool to watch. 
Today in the morning we visited a village.  It made me sad because it was so poor and primitive.  There was also beauty in it though...the people, the green of the rice fields, the idea of families working as one unit. I have never seen so many little boys in split pants (if you don't know what these are picture pants with the crotch and inner leg wide open so you can pee or poop anywhere).  There was this chubby little boy there and he was so cute and so round.
I better go to bed.  I'm pooped and we're traveling tomorrow.  Next post from Guangzhou.  I miss you guys bunches!  Much love to all and thanks for your support and prayers.


shannon astwood said...

You all look wonderful. Motherhood can definately have it's ups and downs-hang in there. If you get a chance, try to get some Aveno body wash and lotion-it will help! You can use the lotion anytime to calm down the itch. Meagan thinks Grace is her baby and wants to know when she can have her! If you want to send your adoption paperwork(fax or email) I can run it in for you to get things moving in the healthcare department-only if you want! XXOO

Aggies said...

Are the "itchies " scabies ?...


Sandra said...

Could be scabies - better get that checked out, if possible. Scabies is extremely contagious. I had it when I was younger, and the doctor had us wash all linens and whatnots in as hot water as we could, and put this cream (prescription) on. My whole family caught it from me. For the flight, you could try a hard lollipop that she cannot bite into, like a blowpop. It will keep her busy and interested - and there's no way she can bite and break off a piece.