Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Update on Tuesday - Praying for Poop!

We went to the notary office and to Wal-Mart.  Boy was the Wal-Mart an experience.  It's several levels and has like 73 cashiers (which we need in San Antonio).  They put sensors on practically every item and of course I had a bunch of things.  We decided that we should get her Chinese bottles and thick blankets and outfits with long pants.  We also bought a lot of formula so we can do a gradual change.  She's eating better and peed twice (I think).  We got her a pacifier which she doesn't put in her mouth but in mine...you think she is trying to tell me something?  She likes to look at herself in the mirror and she loves rasberries on her neck.  She doesn't vocalize and her smiles are limited.  She doesn't scream bloody murder when you change her diaper anymore.  She also likes to stick her hands in my mouth and touch my teeth.  Did I mention that she decided to stick her half eaten banana cookie in my cleavage?  Yeah, it's her new storage place!  I tried reading her Goodnight Moon but she would rather watch Chinese TV.  I put her to sleep by myself  using the tricks of the baby whisper, my mom.  She has so far slept through the night.  I wish I could say the same for me but as soon as I finish this blog, I'll go lay down for about an hour and take a shower.  Grace still hasn't pooped so if you could, pray that girlfriend continues to trust us and that she poops!  We're going to the park this morning and I'm not sure what else is on the docket.   


Jonni said...

Sounds like things are going great. Grace is so adorable and I am still laughing about the banana comment (lol). Good luck with the Pooping. We also had the same problem with Sofia. We brought Babylax and my hubby had to administer it because I was scared to do it wrong (heh-he).


shannon astwood said...

Sounds like she's coming around! Welch's grape juce (purple) is good for loosing things up, so is Miralax (sold at Walmart). Meagan has been taking it since she was 1 per her Doctor-you may want to double check it though. Some say bananas too. I'll put Grace on my poop prayer list!!! XXOO!

Denise said...

Shall I add Grace's pooping issues to my aunt's prayer group?! lol I can ya know? You are sounding a little less stressed and seem to be taking it all in (even banana cookies heehee). Live in the moment and I WILL pray for the poop! Miss ya ( I hope too many people dont pray for poop you may end up in deep...nevermind! lol)

Sandra said...

Yay! I am so glad that she seems to be doing better...Shannon is right - bananas work wonders, as well as Welch's. Apple juice also does wonders. Is she still eating rice cereal? You can mash up the bananas in that for her. Must be a Chinese thing to be constipated...my mom and I are always that way - can I say that Activia is also great? Works for Sandra :-) Can't thank you enough for keeping us posted.

TTYL ~ Sandra