Thursday, June 11, 2009

She's Finally Coming Around

Everybody has said that you start seeing your child's personality around day 3.  It's true.  My girl gave me a preview...she likes to rough house kick and slap together her stacking cups.  She also does this sort of dancing thing when she stands up.  She actually laughed today when she was standing up shaking her booty (she squats and comes up shaking it...kinda hard to explain).  I started laughing and then she did.  She waves (we learned later it means no in china but we think she learned it from Grammy).  I think a big reason this all came about was that she had another poop...kind of interesting what poop can do to you.
She still has her fussy moments.  She's teething and she gets gas in her tummy.  She still wants to be held most of the time though she played on the floor in the room and in the 11th floor playroom for about an hour.  She only took a little nap. 
Grammy and I are finally getting our morning rythm together.  I was able to give her a washcloth bath and change her clothes without too much protest.  Poor thing has bad diaper rash and she's either breaking out in hives or getting bit.  We've been putting stuff on it and gave some benadryl tonight.
Today we went to this really pretty pavillion and then to a porcelain shop.  I got her a little tea seat.  We climbed to the top and there was a chinese classical music concert.  Of course my child started getting fussy.  I have found there are several things that help make her less fussy:  bananas (also helps her poop), banana cookies, droppers of tylenol,mylecon or water, and of course when she's hungry a bottle.  She's a big banana fan. 
I can't believe that tomorrow is our last full day in Nanchang.  Tomorrow we are going to the countryside (or to a village).  Nanchange is such an interesting place.  If you love people watching this is the place.  The traffic here makes Houston look very tame.  I'm still loving the Chinese food here.  It is very different from home.  I had this eggplant and beef dish and  sauted cabbage that rocked.  We ate McDonalds for lunch and it has given me the queasy weasies. 
Have I told you guys how much our guide and my travel group rocks too?  They are the best!
I'm attaching pictures of today.  My favorite is the one of Grace eating rice mum mums (thanks Sandra for that tip). 


Grace said...

Gosh, China is beautiful...I want to go. Maybe I could get me a beautiful baby girl like Grace...cause I don't have enough kids!

Sandra said...

I love your shoes, Jamie ;-P

HAHHAHAHAHHAA - y'all look Soooooo cute together! Baby mum-mums...I'm tellin' ya! They make baby rice cereal w/banana in it - have y'all tried that?

Tooshie - change her diaper more often than normal - and if the situation allows - take her diaper off and let her run around and let the air get to it. Dr. Smith's works wonders if it is indeed diaper rash. Also, you can try regular ol' hydrocortisone cream (I'm seeing another trip to Wal-mart in your future). MAN! Several levels in wal-mart??? It's like my dream, dude!

Y'all are lookin' good!

Can't wait until you come home!