Sunday, June 07, 2009

Family Day

How do I sum up this experience? It was very surreal and I don't know if I can put it into words.  I really don't think I have processed everything yet.   I went to the second floor fifteen minutes early.  I saw Grace in her nanny's arms in the room.  She was the only one.  The others had to wait another hour because of the traffic.  We were the only family in the room.  Grace looked at me and didn't cry at first.  She started getting wiggly when Veronica was giving me information.  Then when the director and the nanny left, she let loose.  Because she was a heart baby she got blue around the lips.  She was crying on and off.  She drank some water and we had trouble with the nipples and getting too much or not enough.  Needless to say, she wasn't a happy camper and I can't blame her.  She also had a 101 fever but I gave her some tylenol and it went down.  I'm watching her closely and I also think she has a chest cold.  She wants to be held all of the time and the ergo was the smartest thing I ever bought.  She's beautiful, lovely and mine.  She's sleeping now.  And she looks so peaceful.  I pray that she feels better tomorrow and we'll make at least some tiny steps of progress.  I also want to get her home as fast as I can and to the doctors.  Her little toes, fingers and around her mouth are blue.  I love my girl. 
I am having issues attaching photos here in Nanchang.  I will work on this problem tomorrow because I am exhausted and am going to bed.  Hugs out there to everybody praying for us.   Keep it up...we need it.


HuluMama said...

Congratulations MOM!

agrimaldo said...

Grace is beautiful. I just discovered your blog. I enjoyed reading it and of course as I got to the end tears of joy and happiness were flowing....I can't even imagine the feeling of holding Grace for the first time. So happy for you!