Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another good night

Gracie went to bed about 10:30 and didn't wake up again until 3 or 4. She didn't cry. She just rolled around on the floor. I laid down next to her and about an hour later, girlfriend had draped herself over my body and fell asleep until 7 a.m. We're getting better. My wrists were super sore though when I woke up. I think I might be getting carpal tunnel from holding my baby!

So far we've had a great morning. We went downstairs, made a bottle, changed the diaper, cut toenails and fingernails. Changed clothes. She ate half a banana and I got to eat a bowl of cereal. I needed to take a shower so I put her in the calm vibrations chair/rocker and she fell asleep. That is why I am able to blog right now. That was a good investment. I feel better that I'm showered, started a load of laundry and I got to put on makeup today! Yippee!

I really should lay down for a bit. I think I will.


Grace said...

Yea! A little progress each day. I'm so proud of you!