Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rough Night

They took out the ventilator last night and they put those nose thingies that put oxygen into your nose...yeah, my daughter was not a happy camper. She cried (well tried as best as she could because the ventilator causes some swelling and stuff) and kicked and thrashed. Her oxygen level kept going down as did her blood pressure. She did this most of the night (since 10:30ish). They gave her meds to try to calm her (like morphine) but they didn't have a lasting effect. We all know Grace is a serious fighter and she showed her true colors by trying to rip out everything...nose thingy, arterial lines, drain line...it was like watching a miniature Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior...she was all over kicking and fighting. She has succeeded in pulling out her nose thingy and arterial line in her hand.

It's tough watching your child in pain and being uncomfortable and knowing that she has to go through lots of yucky stuff. I got about 5 hours of total sleep, maybe. As a result, I'm a little oversensitive and weepy (which I hate to be...I really don't like to cry in front of people). I know she's getting better. It's just a waiting game. Her oxygen level is staying in the mid 70s and she still looks mostly pink (there is some blue back). I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I will continue to update you all.