Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Central Line is Out

Yesterday was a good day. We had a good nigh Both Jennings girls got some good sleep. I think Grace is much happier not being restrained. Her oxygen level hasn't gone past 70 since late last night and is mostly in the 80s. She started waking up a little earlier but it looks like she has gone back to sleep (heck, I would too). I think her teeth are also bothering her. Her nurse took out her central line (the one in her neck) this morning and I'm hoping that canula (the nose thingy) will come out today as well. The PICU doctor said her chest xrays looked great and there is a possibility that the chest tubes will come out tomorrow (which I think means we get to leave PICU). YEA! Don't get me wrong...the staff in this PICU are awesome but this is just not where I want to be with my girl. I have already seen two children pass, one last night (it was a teeny tiny baby that they had transported I think by helicopter). That in itself takes a toll on your emotions.

Can I just say how relieved I am? I just feel on top of the world. I know a lot of it is due to the power of prayer. Thank you to everybody who has been thinking of us, supporting us and praying for us. We greatly appreciate and feel the love. Please continue as with these sort of things, bumps in the road can happen.


Luna said...

I'm glad to hear you both had a good night. Hoping and praying that Grace gets the rest of the tubes out soon and you get moved to a regular room.

The Kunczynski Family said...

I second Lisa's prayer!