Monday, August 24, 2009

My baby is 20 months today!

Wow! Where does the time go? Grace is officially 20 months old today. She's 4 months from being a big 2 year old like her friend Holly! She is a walking machine, except she kinda walks like Godzilla when he's destroying Tokyo. She keeps getting better and better each day. The cool thing is that she's not coughing or is out of breath. That makes the both of us happy.

Today was the first day of school and I wasn't there. It was weird. I have been feeling a little off...actually a lot off. For 14 years, being an educator WAS my identity. I haven't missed the beginning of school in my whole career. I felt like I was playing hooky and I felt guilty and also at the same time, I felt left out...not that I'm not loving being with my girl. I'm just having some adjustment and identity issues. I truly do love what I do and I love who I work with so I think that makes it even harder. I only have 9 more school days before I go back and then I'll probably be wishing I was still with my girl. She does keep me on my toes. Her latest thing is hair things...she wants like 5 bows/barrettes in her hair at the same time. She still won't take off her bracelets (actually they are the toy links) even in the tub or bedtime. She will scream bloody murder if you even attempt to take them off. My girl's a girly girl. I think I was too at that age. Rumor has it that I would only wear dresses. Oh well, like mother like daughter.