Friday, August 28, 2009

Grace went to see Dr. Glasow the pedicardiologist on Wednesday...yeah, didn't go so great because she wasn't having any of it. She didn't want an EKG, Echo, pulse ox or anything. She was just mad! I can't say I blame her...I would be too. In the end, he decided to let me be the judge of how she's doing and if I see her getting worse to call...otherwise she sees him again in 3 months. YEA! We went to see Dr. Oliver, her pediatrician yesterday because girlfriend is not eating like she had been. Now, she LOVES Dr. Oliver and she doesn't scream bloody murder when she sees her. She even let Dr. Oliver do a strep swab. Turns out that the reason most likely she's so fussy, clingy and not eating is that she's getting 3 teeth and also that she's just a toddler! Will this child ever quit teething? She has not stopped getting teeth since Family Day on June 7th. One of these days she won't have to wear a bib to collect the oodles and puddles of drool. The poor baby!

And just a random thought about toddler eating...does it make me a bad mother that for the past two dinners, my daughter has eaten french fries and strawberry pediasure? Yep, Grace is not wanting the chicken or meat, just the fries. Good thing she's underweight. I was thinking all of the work Dr. Hussain and Dr. Calhoon did to fix her heart and I'm clogging up with french fries! Yikes...better find other alternatives.


Cecilia said...

I think its ok if she gets into a food rut. Seems to me that most toddlers do. They find a food they really like and only want that.
Its good that you are getting her to drink the pediasure, at least that way you know she's getting some good stuff in too.
You're doing great. Like all new moms, you second guess everything you do. It seems to get easier as each day goes by and that's pretty much all you can do. Love them and do the best you can and they will love you for it!