Monday, August 10, 2009

Grace Update

Grace is doing well. She came out of the surgery like a champ and actually has pink fingers and toes. Her oxygen level is in the 80s (it had been in upper 60s, low 70s). YEA! She looks great. Her blood pressure was a little high and it looks like the blood that was draining out of her drain is getting less.

This surgery was not the surgery that was planned. I have to admit that I cried when they told me they were going to do this surgery (Glenn) because it requires a Fontan procedure in about a year. I didn't want my baby to have to go through open heart surgery again. But it was the best thing and the only way to help her. We are blessed to have a super duper medical team.

She's in the ICU now. This is probably the stillist I will ever see my girl. She did well last night despite being poked for blood more than the IV (her blood coagulates fast). She was not happy but she went to sleep around 9ish and woke up at 3 a.m. for an hour and a half. Grace is a fighter and of that I am glad. It's tough being a parent of a critically ill child. I'm lucky that hers can be fixed.
I'm posting pictures of her in her styling hospital gown and in picu.


Luna said...

Oh Jamie, just seeing Grace with all those tubes makes me cry. I can't even imagine how you felt today with your little one facing this surgery.

I'm so glad things went well with the surgery. Grace is a fighter and I think her mommy is pretty tough too! I hope it's not long before Grace gets to come home.

waiting4brianna said...

I'm so glad to hear Grace's surgery went well, and she is on the road to recovery. I know it's hard to see your baby going through this, but she is blessed to have you and your family. I know she'll do great!! I'll be thinking about both of you.
Dawn Quirple (Brianna's & Drew's mom from our travel group)

Charlie and Karen said...

Dearest Jamie, You and your Grace are such troopers. Grace and her entire, wonderful family are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that she's up and about sooner than expected...she is lucky to have you as her mama and we are lucky to know you both! Please let us know if there is anything that you need. Sending love and hugs, Karen, Charlie, and Makena

Flatbed said...

So glad she's doing well. I wish I could have run over some supplies or dinner or something, but had to hold down the fort. So sorry she has more to go, but we're thankful for the success so far!