Saturday, August 15, 2009

Minor setback

So, Dr. Calhoon comes in with a machine this morning and says, "The x-ray showed some fluid on the left side." (yep the side that we accidentally pulled out the chest tube). So, he uses an ultrasound to check it out and sure enough it's there. Even though my child chowed down this morning for breakfast, I had noticed that her oxygen level was in the mid to low 70s and it had been in the low 80s the day before. I thought it was due to the lowering of the oxygen they were giving her. So, when I told him that, he decided that chest tube needed to go back in on that side. So, we had to wait until late afternoon (around 5ish) when she had no food in her tummy and they put another IV in (she did so well) and we went back to PICU so they could do the procedure (they have to knock her out with the Michael Jackson drug). The nurse who was our nurse during our bad times was super surprised at how sweet and calm Grace was (I kept telling her she is a good girl!) Anyways, Grace did well. Her oxygen levels came back up where they need to be. It's probably a little more time in the hospital but I'd rather get it all out now rather than go home and have to come back to the hospital.

Do you know what is one of the saddest things here? The babies who are by themselves and their parents aren't there. It kills me to hear their pitiful cries. I have such an even deeper respect for the nurses who have to be the primary caregiver for these sick babies while juggling other patients. The Santa Rosa nurses rock!


The Kunczynski Family said...

Jamie, you are so right . . . . babies without a parent who can be there are definitely heart-breakers! David was in the NICU for 9 days after he was born and my heart just went out to the parents who could not be with their babies (many had exhausted their disability or sick leave or had other children at home to care for). Some day (when I am not home with kids and our NICU experience is just a memory) I want to volunteer to hold NICU babies whose parents cannot be there. Grace looks SO great in today's update!!!