Friday, August 14, 2009

Playing in the Playroom

You know when your child is feeling better when she spends 2 hours playing in the playroom and then eating mashed potatoes, chicken and some mac & cheese. If she would have had ice cream, she would have thought she was in hog heaven. They aren't going to take out the last chest tube but they are weaning her off the oxygen...hopefully that will be gone later today or early tomorrow. Her chest xrays looked great. The doctors and staff are really happy with girlfriend's progress. She's smiling more and she's also again saying "Hope" and "Uh?" I wanted to cry out of joy of seeing my baby feel better. She also slept well and her oxygen levels are mostly staying in the 70s. They were in the 80s last night. I'm just so thankful to God and everybody who has been thinking and praying and supporting us. When I think of how lucky we truly are, it takes my breath away. There are children in here who have been here for a long time. We are so blessed that it might be only a week. I keep telling myself, one more day, one more day.

It looks like we'll be home most likely on Monday. I'm attaching some pictures of Miss Thang from this morning.


Luna said...

How cool that Grace is already up and playing! Jamie, from the pictures, Grace's coloring looks really good!

The Kunczynski Family said...

Wow! Grace looks so PINK in these pictures! I LOVE it!! Continuing to pray for you and Grace . . . . . how blessed you both are to have each other!

Mark and Linda B. said...

Prayer is an awesome thing! Linda and I are so happy for you all that Grace is doing well.