Thursday, August 13, 2009


This evening we got to move to IMC, which is step below PICU and it's our last stop on our journey. Grace woke up today and was more herself. She liked it when I blew bubbles and visited with family and friends. She actually got to eat real food this evening. She was so loving the instant mashed potatoes but the mac and cheese congested her.

Besides her central line, Grace got out her main chest drain tube that was below her incision. I also accidentally broke the plastic part of the newest chest tube that they put in yesterday when I was holding her so they had to take out that drain tube. I was upset I did that but so far so good (knock on wood). She peed on me in retribution! I'm hoping it was a blessing in disguise. So, we're down to one chest tube and the stupid canula (the oxygen nose thingie)...the last chest tube is supposed to be out tomorrow. My sister, who is also a nurse at this hospital said that they won't let her go without pooping and we all know that is not one of Grace's stronger points. So, I'm back to praying for poop again (just to be on the safe side) besides all the rest of the stuff.

I'm just so glad to be out of the PICU. I found out they had like 9 heart babies, and I mean mostly little babies. They actually performed open-heart surgery in the room next to Grace's because that little 5 day old baby was so unstable. It was like a car wreck that you couldn't help but look at what's going on. They had to leave the wound opened. I have been saying a prayer for the young couple and their baby. There was also a young man who had been there for over a month...he had been in a coma from an acute asthma attack. He woke up the other day but something happened today...everybody was running to his room and I saw an alarm on the monitors. I'm so glad to be here with less drama and more privacy...our room is private and it has its own shower and bathroom...YEA! That makes me one happy camper.

We are so greatful for everybody's love, support and prayers. Thank you and please continue as our journey in the "heartland" is not quite over. Grace & I love you all so much!


Luna said...

I think you need some of Veronica's famous poop tea for Grace! Ava only smelled it and started pooping while we were in China! ;)

I'm so happy you got moved out of PICU!!