Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Meeting Leilani

This evening had to be one of the coolest dinners I have had in my life and it wasn't because of the food (which was good). It was because of the company. Grace and I had dinner with Leilani and her parents. Leilani was one of Grace's cribmates in Fengxin. Her parents, Patricia and Tony decided to come visit us from England via New Jersey (Patricia's mom lives there). We enjoyed the evening despite Grace feeling a little under the weather and tired. I am so excited about spending the day with them on Saturday. We've started comparing notes and our girls have similar habits/behaviors like the night terrors and hating water on their heads but also good stuff like dancing to music. Leilani is so beautiful and she's incredibly animated. I'm posting a few pictures of our first meeting. We plan on continuing to keep in touch and have visits.