Sunday, December 06, 2009


Family comes in many forms. We often define our families through our bonds of blood or marriage but also friendships and sometimes circumstances. I was lucky enough to add another bond as a result of Grace's adoption. I am so glad that Patricia, Tony and Leilani visited us this weekend. If you remember, Leilani was one of Grace's cribmates at Fengxin. In most of our orphanage pictures, Grace and Leilani were in the same crib. The cool thing is that the girls remembered each other and they had a good time playing together while we the parents lovingingly looked on. It was like our girls had a special sister relationship because of their circumstances. We are going to try to visit each other as well as the other part of the trio (actually there is another little one in the group but we don't know who the little one is and if he/she has found his/her forever family). We had the best time this weekend. I can't explain it but it feels like we've added to our family. We are truly blessed. I'm glad will always have this part of her story. The girls can always share this common bond.