Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things I am Thankful For

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I couldn't wait to share the day with Grace. I wasn't disappointed except for the fact that my turkey took a bit longer to cook and it didn't have as much flavor as last year. Other than that, it was a perfect day. Grace allowed me to cook. She took a nap and my family came over and we ate and relaxed. It was one of those days were you were in such a good spot and you count your blessings. So, on this day of great thanks, here is my list:

1. my relationship with God
2. my daughter Grace (thus ending the excruciating wait)
3. my parents, sister, niece, nephews and the rest of my family including our dog Hope
4. my friends
5. good health
6. Grace's doctors
7. Grace's therapists
8. my job
9. the extra contract work
10. my house
11. my car (even with the dent)
12. my pink netbook
13. pumpkin pie, turkey and all thanksgiving food
14. the fact that I can support and feed myself and my daughter on one salary
15. having the best support groups
16. laughter
17. shopping
18. cute cothes and shoes
19. great purses
20. Bath & Bodyworks
21. my fantastic hair chick
22. cool weather
23. comfy bed
24. good food in general
25. reality TV especially the Amazing Race (Go Blondes!)

I could go on and on and the list would probably look silly...I seriously contemplated office supplies and new books but it makes me look ever sillier than I already am. This has been a great year and I'm praying for a great end and a wonderful beginning. I've already got one of Grace's Christmas gift's for next year (or maybe an Easter gift)...a cool kitchen that was on sale today at big lots...she's not ready for it right now.

Happy Turkey Day everybody! May you have many blessings come your way!