Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Parties

Tis the season for Christmas parties. We have gone to 2 already. The Mended Little Hearts party was so awesome. Southwest airlines sponsored it. Each employee adopted a heart kiddo and bought him/her presents. Grace LOVED her gifts. She got a tea set, keyboard, magna doodle and a little people castle. We met our sponsor and he was so nice. It was great to see Miss Kara and Deanna who helped make our stay at Santa Rosa even better. Grace is not a fan of Santa Claus. I think he was interesting far away but up close, he made her very nervous.

Tis the season for nasty allergies as well. Grace still can't kick that nasty cough. She went back to the doctor and she still has an ear infection on top of the nasty cough. She's now on like 3 meds and has to do albuterol treatments this weekend. She's taking them well. Here's a hint...get the kiddo comfy with a favorite lap toy and turn on their favorite show...for Grace that's Barney or Jack's big music show. It helps tremendously when you have to put the mask on their face.

I am excited about Christmas and Grace's 2nd birthday. She doesn't quite get either concept. I know that it would have been tough this season if I hadn't been matched with my girl. I'm still thinking and praying for all my friends still waiting. I think I am trying to only get Grace a few gifts because I don't want her to be overwhelmed. I also need to go through her stuff and give away the stuff we don't use anymore. I guess I'll do that on break...that and get her eyes checked,bloodwork done, shots and OT, PT& Speech. We are going to be busy girls.