Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why do I always get sick on vacations?

Yeah, it happened yet again...I got sick. I'm feeling better thanks to liquid oxygen, vitamin C & garlic. It started on Monday evening. I hate it. It doesn't help that the weather changed again. least we got rain.

I got my Cricut machine and I love it. I had the electricians at Mr. Sparky come by and give me a quote for putting a ceiling fan in my patio and the price was a bit high right now. Of course I think I jinxed myself because guess what happened this morning? My ceiling fan/light is not working in my bedroom. So the gentleman from Mr. Sparky will be back tomorrow and most likely will have to use the ceiling fan that was bought for my patio for my bedroom. Lucky me! At least I have one available.

I'm still anxiously waiting for PA. Someone who also had their LOI on the same day I did got their PA today. They aren't through review yet either so in my thinking, I'm hoping I will have mine too very very soon. Of course there is no rhyme or reason in this whole process.

I got a great new printer because my other one died (actually I had a gift certificate from my sister for Christmas so she bought it). I love it!

One more day of Spring Break. It went super fast.