Monday, March 16, 2009

Healthy Child Expo and Ladybugs N Love

This weekend, Sandra and I went to the Healthy Child Expo. I'm going to tell a bit on my best friend because, well, I loved the moment. Tyler Florence (you know, the food network chef guy) was the big speaker/person at the Expo. He has a new line of organic baby food. Sandra, who is an awesome cook/chef herself, is in total awe of him. He is like rock star status. We turned the corner and Sandra stops in mid-sentence...her eyes get huge and her mouth hangs open...less than 10 feet from us is the superstar himself, Tyler Florence. All she could say was, "OH MY Gosh, OH MY GOSH!" It looked like he had just arrived at his booth and nobody was there. I took a picture of Sandra with him. She looked like a cat who ate two canaries, she was so happy. Later on, she commented on how ripply his muscles felt when she hugged him in the picture. The whole afternoon, you could still see the happy, in the clouds look on her face. It made me happy to see her that way.

Speaking of being in the clouds, there is a great, great service called "Ladybugs N Love" ( that does orphanage phone calls as well as other services like care packages. Today when I got home from work, were 4 pictures of my beautiful Grace. I started bawling my eyes out. I wish I could post these pictures along with the first pictures I received of her. Of course, I can't until I get my LSC. There is a possiblility of a 7 to 8 day turnaround on that so maybe next week sometime I'll be able to show the world my girl. I highly, highly, highly recommend Kelly & Angela of Ladybugs N Love. They really want to help you.


Kelly said...

Thanks so much for your mention of our service! It is truly a blessing to read of your joy!!!