Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lists, lists and more lists

It's been a week today that I first saw my daughter's face. It's still a surreal experience. However since reality has since set in, I'm up to my ears in lists. When you think you have lots of time, you tend to drag your heels and procrastinate. Now that I've been blindsided in a good way, I've been making bunches and bunches of lists of things I need to get done. Next week is spring break so I'm planning on getting my patio ceiling fan put in and also getting my car's passenger door powerlock fixed. I am going to go through all my stuff and get things better organized.

I also had a moment earlier this week when I realized, "Holy cow! I'm going to be a mom!" I made a mom decision today...I really want the cricut express machine and it's a bit pricey so I'm putting that on hold unless I can find a good deal on ebay. I love crafty things. I just don't have the time and I pick them up and put them down. I wonder if Grace will like crafty things too? Hmmmm...well, I'm still waiting for PA and I hope it's speedy. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. Next weekend Sandra, Rex, Holly and I are going to the Baby and Child Expo. Yea! Free Samples and I actually have a child to look for stuff for!