Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My girl is 15 months old today. I'm still waiting for my LSC/LOA. People have told me that when you see your child's face, the previous wait is nothing compared to the impatience one has in getting to China, seeing your child, holding your child and bringing her/him home. I get it now. I hate how impatient I am and how I'm constantly trolling RQ Special Needs forum to check on status of LOAs. I check the charts and do all of these crazy analysis of past and current stats. What I learned is that there really is no rhyme or reason to it. The only thing I can do is hope and pray that everything will go smoothly and as fast as possible. I know everything happens for a reason so I have to hold onto that. Miracles happen every day. The fridge in our office was pretty much dying and Shannon and I had a conversation of getting rid of it (it was not cooling at all!). I think we scared it because it cools down like nobody's business. It rocks again.

I am still sick and went to the doctor. I like my doctor a lot, but I'm not super fond of her staff. They poked and prodded me and I have to go for a chest x-ray. It's still probably bronchitis but it sure is taking a long time to get over. So, I'm kind of laid up and just wanting to eat and eat because of the stupid steroids. Not good. I have told my friends that if I start breaking down doors like the incredible hulk, you know it's the steroids.


Marjorie said...

I so completely understand. We sent our LOI the same day as you and have a very similar LID; 5/10/06. We haven't even received PA yet! It's enough to make you very crazy!!
Marjorie mom3boys