Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yep, that's what I got, bronchitis. I'm not even moving that much air in my lungs right now. My chest was tight and I was coughing pretty badly. I went to see Dr. Sutton yesterday and she gave me a breathing treatment and when it didn't work, she prescribed steroids. On day two, still having a bit of trouble breathing. I get to see the allergist the Friday I get back from TLA in Houston. Yippee for me. Hopefully they'll figure out what is triggering my issues so I will be healthy and prepared when I go to China. If I'm that sensitive to allergens here, I need to be prepared wherever I go.

I have been working on Grace's life book. It's been an interesting experience. There are days that I love my cricut and days when I don't get it. Sometimes it rips as it cuts and other times it's a nice clean cut. Oh well.

I also finally took a picture of the 100 wishes quilt I made for Grace. I'm showcasing my lovely turtle quilt.

I'm still crossing my fingers for LOA/LSC this week or early next week. I'm wanting to get my baby home soon. She needs the medical help ASAP. I wish I could say more but until I have LOA/LSC I can't publish any information on my girl. So, let's say a little prayer so that it'll keep happening fast.