Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Houston

I just got into Houston for TLA. The flight was good and quick and my hotel rocks. They have a cookie buffet every evening with the butteryish sugar cookies and ice cold milk. They have breakfast buffet and a happy hour buffet. It's like I'm on a land cruiseship. It's good to also get away from home and get some perspective. I'm so glad that I won't be "working" the rest of the week. I get to enjoy TLA.

Before I left town, I stopped by the day chapel to pray at adoration (it's a Catholic thing...I'm doing it once a week for lent...didn't give anything up, added adoration). Anyways, as I sat there, I told God that I needed to quick trying to control everything, time-wise and let him give it to me in His time. That's the bad part of my personality...I like to know when things are going to happen and to be in the driver's seat. So, on that note, I'm okay with whenever I get my LSC/LOA. It will happen whenever it is supposed to happen. Yes, I want to get my daughter as soon as I can but I don't know what's going on in her world over there. Maybe she's not quite yet ready for her crazy mama. I think I'm at peace with it, well, not quite there yet...almost. I am and probably will be checking RQ's forum to see who got LOA and TA. It's so exciting. I look at the charts and see that I probably have a little more time before my LSC if we go with the average time frame. Who knows...I'm trying to give it to God...patience is a virtue, I'm learning.