Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Wrap Up of the Week

It has been on interesting week. We were busier than a one legged man in a kicking contest in the library. I absolutely loved it because the days went by super fast. I made myself laugh when one of my students asked me if I had fifty cents and I said, "I'm sorry sweetie, but I'm broke right now." He gave me this weird look and I realized he wanted the book on the rapper 50 Cent! We both laughed when I went to look for the book for him. I'm glad it had just been returned.

The waiting list came out this week. Unfortunately for me, I didn't see a good match for me. But there will be more and I will continue to wait and be patient.

Shannon cut her hair short to prepare for chemo. We still don't know how much yet. They are waiting for test results. Speaking of test results, I think I am going to give my dog, Hope a DNA test that they've developed. She's my rescue pup and my furry baby right now. I think it would be interesting to see what kinds of breeds she has in her. I also think it might help to know what health issues she might have later on down the line. I'm noticing now that she's having some rear leg/hip issues. Sometimes she just plops herself down in the middle of our walk because it bothers her so much.

Last night, I went to this great jazz club called Luna and this band from Austin, Torch performed. They totally rocked (in a jazz way). I loved the girl's voice. It was almost Norah Jones/Eartha Kittish...I am going to post the link to their myspace page in my links. We went to eat before and because it was so mellow, I started feeling VERY sleepy. I had a great time even though it was nasty weather which has now lead to me feeling a little yucky with a scratchy throat and hardly a voice. OH WELL.