Monday, January 14, 2008

Happiness is...

I watched Friday's 20/20 episode of how to be happy and places where people are happy and I found what I got to see extremely fascinating. I realized that I'm probably one of those annoying people because I tend to be pretty happy go lucky and I'm always laughing. I can find most anything humorous and I'm usually laughing at myself. I am a goofball. My students will tell you that you can hear me laughing down the hall. So, I am planning on working on laughing and not focusing on the wait. I'm going to go to more funny movies.

So, right now, my happiness that I'm focusing on is that the bone scan and organ scan of my assistant Shannon revealed that her cancer hadn't spread. We should find out this week what kind of treatment she will be having. She's accepted that she's probably going to have to have chemo. She's going to cut her head shorter this week. She said her greatest fear is that she's going to have a lumpy bald head! That's my friend Shannon!