Friday, January 25, 2008

Middle School Angst

I think I hated middle school when I was a middle schooler. However, I love working in a middle school (I know, I'm sick!). There is so much more drama than any soap opera. I like to call my school, The Young and Some Breastless (The Young and the Restless would work too!). Case in point...the PE coach comes to me saying that there's a young girl who won't stop crying and has asked for me. "Me?" I thought to myself. I looked over and saw one of my library aides who is extremely shy, painfully and awkwardly shy. I was really surprised that she wanted to talk to me because I made her cry her first day by explaining what sorts of things she'll be responsible for in the library. She tells me that her crush's little sister (and the crush is also one of my student aides during the same class period as my shy library aide) told him she liked him and he apparently didn't reciprocate the feelings (actually he didn't react because honestly, he's not at the point where the girls are the focus). She was devestated and humiliated and sick to her stomach to come to my class (library aide) where she will have to face him. So, I told her that I thought her crush just wasn't interested in her but girls right now in general. I also told her how I understood being totally humiliated and I related my middle school story of a cute 8th grader that I liked as a 7th grader and when my friends said something to him, I was soooo embarassed. I would almost throw up before PE because we had that same class. I told her that I did get over it eventually and found another cute boy to like. I also said that now that I look back at it, he really wasn't all that cute and looked more like Ronald McDonald so it was a good thing it didn't work out back then. I don't know if this was sage advice. All I know is that instead of coming to the library to be an aide, I've sent her to the counseling office until she can face him. I may never get her back as an aide. Oh well, I guess all is fair in love and war. I just felt so bad for her.