Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

This is the year that we May 2006ers get our children! It has to be. I'm out of my funk and am feeling strangely optimistic. I went to Mass yesterday (it was a holiday of obligation) and it was in celebration of Mary. A strange, calming feeling came over me when I knelt down to pray and I heard a little whisper in my heart that reassured me that my Grace is coming soon and that I would be okay.

I played chickenfoot dominoes with one of my best friends and her family for the New Years. I had so much fun even though I was threated of disownment by my friend's mom because I won the first game. The one thing I was upset about was the popping of the fireworks that gave my poor Hope serious distress. I had to sedate her earlier and it didn't really work. She was a little freaked when I got home right after the new year.

I also know this is going to be a great year because I found some great shopping deals. I got a $90 dress for $11 at Dillards...400 count sheets for $20.00 and today at Pottery Barn, I found the exact shower curtain I didn't know that I had wanted for $6.00. Yippee.

So, I am praying again for us all. We will be getting our children. We will make it!