Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zoo Life

My life is very zoolike. I've recently come to this realization after we went to the zoo with Mended Little Hearts on Saturday. We had a good time but it was hot. We went to the toddler area which had this mossy ground and Grace did not want to step on it. It totally freaked her out. So did the bouncy yellow thing that I put her on. She loved the animals especially the monkey and the elephants. We stayed only until noon and then she crashed in the car on the way home.

So, back to the why my life is like a zoo...well, it's messy, chaotic,wild but at the same time fun and natural. My house is a mess, like the zoo, but people don't seem to mind. Even when Grace and I are cranky, people still want to see us and Grace especially is the main attraction. Everybody wants to hang with that girl. I think she likes it.

We've also discovered that my child is a Miss Bossy thang! She wants to be in the control seat. She will put your hand where she wants it and she is very demanding. Yikes...can't wait until she's a teenager or pre-teen!