Thursday, September 03, 2009


Grace and I took a shopping trip to San Marcos today to look for a dress for my cousin's wedding this weekend and to get some shoes for her (and some school clothes for me). She was SOOOO good! She got a little frustrated with me in the Talbot's dressing room but overall can I just say Wow! She was holding onto my hand and walking everywhere. She was so proud of herself. She liked to hang out under the racks. Children's Place was having one heck of a sale...capris for $.99 and t-shirts for $1.99. I only got a couple of sets though. I found some good buys at Talbots and Old Navy. Of course, my daughter won over the salesladies at Talbots and as we left, she blew them kisses! I wanted to look for shoes for me but we were running out of time. Grace got some new tennis shoes at Stride Rite. She let the lady measure her foot and she walked for us. She is now wearing 5.5 (she measures a 5, but 5.5 so she can grow into them)! When Grace came home in June, she was a size 4! It must be the hot dogs, mac and cheese, yogurt, cheese sticks, french fries and ice cream that are helping that girl grow. As for the dress, I bought one at Gymboree but I found one I liked better at Stein Mart (yes, I went to Marshalls and Stein Mart after the outlet because she was asleep in the car and I didn't want to wake her up so I extended the car trip by 15 minutes so she could catch more zzzz's). I guess I'll take the other dress back.

So, I think I have found my shopping buddy. It is hard sometimes trying on clothes with her but if she's out of the stroller and walking around, she does all right (and also with snacks). It was a good day. Every day I fall more in love with my daughter. She never ceases to amaze me or surprise me with a new part of her personality.


Réglissoly said...

When you say:
"Every day I fall more in love with my daughter. She never ceases to amaze me or surprise me with a new part of her personality."

It's so true! It's the same with my little spicy girl Lilwenn!

When we came home august 8, her shoes was 3 and now, it's 4! But she still wearing 12 months for clothes (or 6-12 months at Gymboree and Gap Kid). She is 17 ½ months now and she weighs about 19 pounds.


Sue said...

Hi jamie,
I just wanted to tell you your blog has brought me comfort. Our daughter adopted 1 month ago from Jiangsu Province had her Glenn done 2 days ago. She is doing great and is such a pretty pink now. Our girls share a special heart. Thanks for sharing your story. Sue