Monday, September 14, 2009

My Daughter Cracks Me Up

Grace, I'm sure like all other children is one of the funniest people that I know. I have decided to share a couple of my Grace funny stories. Some of the stories make me look like a fool, but if they make you laugh, it's worth it.

Today, we ate at Souper Salads and my mom gave Grace and ice cream cone. I also had one. I guess I opened my mouth really wide and shoved the whole end of the cone into my mouth and I looked over at Grace and she had her mouth opened really wide showing all her chewed up food...I guess that is what I had looked like! It was pretty funny how accurately she captured my feeding frenzy moment.

Grace can be clingy sometimes, especially in the mornings. This means she'll go with you when you have to go to the bathroom. So, if you are going #2, she will pinch her nose to let you know that it's pretty stinky in the bathroom.

Finally, this is the most embarassing Grace story for me. I was washing up in the bathroom the other morning and of course, it's morning and Grace wants to be where I am. She was brushing her own teeth with her beaver toothbrush while I was starting to get my clothes on. She looks at my naked downstairs parts, looks and her toothbrush and well, you can guess what she thought...hmmmm, my beaver toothbrush could be used to brush mommy's downstair's parts! Good thing I stopped her when I saw the toothbrush coming at me. I don't know what was worse, that it was a beaver toothbrush or that she even thought to brush that part of me! It was pretty embarassing.

When she gets older, I'm sure these stories will amuse her. It's my second week back at work and it's going well but I miss the heck out of having Grace with me all of the time. She is still in physical and occupational therapy and is progressing. I hope it continues to go well. I have to say I'm so blessed in life. My daughter has made me a better person.


Denise said...

Jamie Claire! I CANNOT believe you told the beaver story! OMG! LOL!!! I love that kiddo! Hugs from Aunt D!