Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keeping my head above water

I think my main focus to keep myself from drowning. I think that is the main goal for most single parents. We really aren't focused on the strokes or where we are going. We are just trying to keep are heads above water. I'm getting pretty adept at treading water.

The hardest part is not being able to stay at home with her. I have to work and so I have to leave her with my parents. I feel incredibly guilty for disrupting their lives and that my daughter spends more time with them than I get to. We talked about this before the adoption at great length. I think it is hitting them and they are realizing how much she has impacted their lives. I don't know if they realized how much she was going to disrupt their lives. Grace is blossoming being with them. She's learning lots of thing including holding her spoon, the baby sign for my dad and lots of other things. I'm so thankful for them but I worry that it is too much! We are looking at possibly mother's day out or part time day care soon so she can be with other kiddos. I anticipate sleep issues again because every time her schedule gets disrupted, it shows in her sleep.

She's getting another molar on top...poor baby. She can't stop cutting teeth. She's growing and is babbling a lot more. She hates PT (physical therapy) but is daredevil at home and at my parents' house. I think she has some acrobat blood in her veins.