Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yes, I am up before I should be

What kind of crazy girl am I who is up an hour earlier than she needs to be? That would be me. I am the kind of girl who "chews" on things in her sleep. That's why I have all of the weird crazy dreams (like the night before I was dreaming about the heel command I had learned the night before at obedience class...Hope is doing well with that BTW...when we walked yesterday she did good with "heel") Last night I finished compiling my shower list for my best friend. This morning I put it into EXCEL and e-mailed it to Sandra. I'm very excited about my shower. It's going to be at one of my favorite places that has the best desserts and chicken salad.

I got my LSC/LOA fed-exed yesterday. My agency should be getting it today. I'm bringing my big huge dossier notebook to work so I can pull the paperwork for the state of Texas so I can get the ball rolling on the nonrecurring adoption expense reimbursement. I was so glad when someone in RQ special needs forum brought that up. That's $1500 that will help out greatly. I also made an appointment with Grace's pediatrician in a couple of weeks so we can get our plan of action in place. I have never been so busy! But with a list, I'm doing okay.

I was also blessed with some contract question writing work that's due on Monday. So, it's going to be a busy weekend but that's a good thing.

I'm super excited that today is our last day of the week. I get to wear my Librarian's Rock shirt and jeans. Shannon and I are going to be twinkies. Tomorrow, my niece is coming over and we're going to make bracelets for her market day project. Alex and I always have fun doing crafty stuff together.

Easter is Sunday. I'm BBQing in the early afternoon and we're also going to have a pinata for KJ since we didn't have it on his actual birthday.