Saturday, April 11, 2009

Words I need to delete from my vocabulary

As I was leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot this evening, I had an epiphany after a person who saw that I was backing up but decided he wanted to go so I had to slam on my brakes so I wouldn't hit him (he was flying through the parking lot to Whataburger) and as the word "Ya punk!" flew out of my mouth, I thought to child is going to be calling people punks! It could be a whole lot worse but just the thought of it coming out of a little person's mouth makes me think about it. So, now what other words do I need to delete from my vocabulary? Dipwad is definitely one. I honestly am not a big cusser. My bad words are crap and sucks. Not the best, but not the worse. I'm going to have to think on that.

Did you know that Wal-Mart or at least my Wal-Mart no longer has a gift registry in the store? Yep, I went to update mine this morning and I couldn't believe that! So, I guess I will now be going to Babies R Us but they are kinda expensive and Wal-Mart is usually reasonable. I do have my registry at Target done. My best friend has been helping me out since she has an almost 2 year old at home.

I finished my contract work this evening. I had a Monday (actually later but I was asked if I could get it done earlier) deadline and I made it a point to finish today. The extra money could really be used. I hope all items are accepted.

I am also sending a care package to my daughter through LadybugsNLove. I am writing my orphanage letter right now and I also sending a photo album so I'll be taking pictures tomorrow at Easter. The bummer thing is that my face is still swollen from those stinkin steroids. I'm glad I've lost the weight from them (even though I still have residual eating issues from them in the evenings) so poor Gracie will think she has a puffy faced mama! Oh well!