Friday, April 03, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, jiggaty jig

I made it home yesterday evening. Our flight was delayed so I didn't get home until late yesterday evening. My posting yesterday got interrupted by the shuttle driver who was like super early so I had to finish my post quickly, turn off my laptop and get downstairs (I was on the 2nd floor lounge). I don't even remember what I had been saying or if it made any sense. Oh well. I had too much stuff in my bag so I had to take out some of the preview copies of books that I got at TLA (I really didn't get a whole lot but there's probably about 15 paperback books) and put them in my backpack along with my Hank the Cowdog t-shirts for my family. Even though I was at the airport super early, I really enjoyed it. I finished reading this great book, Graceling. I am not a fantasy person, but this book totally rocked. If you liked reading Twilight, you should totally try this book. The relationship between the two main characters has that whole Bella/Edward intense vibe. It really is good. I also got to read and almost finish the new Sarah Dessen novel (I forget what it's called) but it comes out in June. Loved it...I love chick lit (if you saw the movie, How to Deal with Mandy was based on a Sarah Dessen novel). I really enjoyed my trip. I'm glad to be home though.

I went to the allergist today. She rocked. It turns out that I'm not so much allergic as I am irritated by allergens which means that shots won't work but I have to work at the irritants. So, nasal wash every day and nose spray every day are going to be crucial. That's why I get so sick when I'm away from my library for long periods of time, the mold irritates me. I also got get re-fingerprinted. This is what like the 3rd time? Hopefully though I will be home before July 18 when my I-600A expires. I'm still waiting for my LSC/LOA. I saw that someone who had their PA similar to me got theirs today. I would love for mine to come next week. It's that whole I know it's going to happen but I don't know when.

I did find out that when we go to Nanchang we will be staying at the JinFeng hotel. That's cool. It's a very nice hotel and people seem to like it. I've told mom that we'll get suites in Nanchang and at the White Swan so we have the extra room. We're two strong, very aries women who will definitely need a little extra space for our tenaciousness.

Tomorrow is Saturday. A day of rest. I'm very excited. Next week in another 4 day week. Alex and I are going to make her bracelets for her market days in May.