Monday, April 27, 2009

Bob the builder ain't got nothing on me! NOT!

So yesterday, I decided that I was going to put the gate up on the top of my stairs. It's one of those gates that you actually drill into the wall. I thought for me that would be better. Can I just say those templates are big fat liars! They don't line up at all! I had to adjust several times and I did better using the actual holder thingy to measure rather than the stupid template! And did it tell you which side to put the hinge side? Nope sure didn't. I'm a lefty and I was looking at the top of the stairs trying to make sure it would fit properly so I put the hinge side on the right...boy was I wrong. I learned later that the gate should not swing over the stairs! Yep...I was so wrong. It works. It does what it needs to do...keep my child from going downstairs. Eventually, I'll maybe flip it the other way, but I'm proud that I even got the gate up. It looks okay and it's sturdy. Check that off the safety list. I have to have a homestudy update in the next week or so. So, I'm trying to make sure everything is a.o.k.

Tomorrow is the start of the lovely TAKS testing. It's 6th & 7th grade math tomorrow. I am not testing tomorrow but I will be testing the rest of the week. Oh Joy! I feel bad for the Schertz-Cibolo district who is out this whole week because of the swine flu. Not only are they missing TAKS but a whole week of school added to the end. YUCK! We're already starting a countdown here.

Sunday is my family and friends shower. I'm very excited. In two weeks, they are having my work shower. Today my favorite counselor brought me two cute, cute, cute outfits for my Gracie. She said she went shopping and saw them and couldn't help herself. I couldn't blame her. My girl is going to be so cute in them! It's things like these that make me realize how blessed I am by having all of the great and supportive people in my life.

Finally, we got good news today. Shannon is still cancer free. Yippee! It'll be a year this summer that Shannon will have finished all of her cancer treatments. I hope it stays that way!