Sunday, April 05, 2009

Love being a foody

This morning, I decided to try something different. I really want to eat better. I have been wanting to cook more too. I actually have been craving healthly foods. So, I went to Central Market which is kind of far from my house. It was nice drive and nobody was up. Can I just say that I love Central Market. I got some great food and bread. I spent way too much but the turkey provance was worth it. I'm taking it to work for lunch to eat. I could never get sick of that. I also got some of the cheddar my best friend swears by. YUM. I think this would be a neat idea to do with Grace every Sunday or once a month to go there and get our produce for the week and just enjoy getting yummy food.

I am so glad I only have two more days of steroids. YEA! Yesterday I was Miss Piggy at the Chinese Buffet. I think I blew my poor friend's mind by eating 3 plates of food. It was mostly chicken and broccoli and the green beans. I couldn't get enough of the green beans. But I was so miserable afterwards. I'm not being as piggy today.

Today is a day of cleaning. Fun! I also need to gear up for a short fast and TAKS week. YUCK. The light at the tunnel might be my LSC/LOA. A girl can hope right?