Monday, April 13, 2009

National Library Week

This week is National Library Week. We're having a DDR (that's Dance Dance Revolution) tournament during lunches. We're also going to have a dessert buffet for the teachers on Friday. I was worried because I didn't think the kids were going to sign up but I got enough. So, I'm going to lug my Wii to work tomorrow. I decided that since I'll probably be gone the last week of school and that's when I bring my wii and my student aides can have game day. My favorite is America Idol karaoke revolution.

I've started my packing lists. I put them on EXCEL. I've decided I need to print it out and keep it with me so I can buy some of the stuff each time I go to the grocery store. Today I got some of the drug stuff like baby tylenol and boogie wipes (boogie wipes rock...they are like saline wipes)

I hope everybody had a great Easter. I burned the burgers a bit (my mom jinxed me when she said she wanted well-done) but they were still good. I can't believe that next year I'll have my Grace and she'll get to search for eggs alongside her cousins (that's my sister and her kids in the picture looking for eggs). I hope that more LOAs will be coming for those who have been waiting. I know how frustrating the wait is. My travel advisor is supposed to call me this week. I wonder if she'll have ideas of time frames. Holy cow! I'm going to China in a month (or a little over a month!)