Friday, April 09, 2010

Going into the 2 year old class

Grace is going to start visiting the 2 year old class and you know who's nervous? Me! It's a great class with a great teacher but I love the teachers she has now. But, I do know she needs to be with the kiddos her age, especially to help her with her speech. She does have a lot more words than before but she's not really putting them in sentences. I know that will come with time.

We got good news from the doctor that she does not have malrotation of her stomach! YEA! She does have her gastrointestinal organs flip flopped (except for intestines, I think). This won't be a problem but she'll have to wear a medical alert bracelet. Her o2 saturation levels have been great too. We are going to see the pulmonologist and cardiologist this coming week. I'm hoping he will give us approval to fly. Maybe we can visit Leilani and Lillwinn (the cribmates) this summer.


Réglissoly said...

Very goods news!!! Lilwenn want to see her friend!

Québec, Canada

Anonymous said...
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