Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cardiologist visit

We saw the pulmonologist and the cardiologist this week. Both doctors had good news for us. Grace is doing well. She does have a nasty cough though. Most likely we'll go on antibiotics this coming week. It looks like she'll have her second open heart surgery next summer (2011) if her oxygen saturation levels remain where they are. If they drop then we'll be doing it sooner. She did very well with the pulmonologist but not so hot with the cardiologist behavior-wise. I don't think my cardio's nurse was feeling too hot and she was super grumpy with Grace while attempting the EKG. Grace woke up in a foul mood that day too and I know that didn't help. I wish they could understand that first of all she's only been here for 10 months and in that time she has had open heart surgery, lots of blood taken, tubes in her ears, and lots of other scary things not to mention having a brand new family to deal's gonna take time and be patient with her. Geez and she's only 2!

Speaking of 2, she likes her new class and she peed in the potty in class and for me today. YEA! Baby steps right? We're going to go to the beach next week. I hope it's not raining!