Monday, April 19, 2010

The Cardiologist and Kiddie Park

Last week was a week of good news. We saw the pulmonologist who said that she's doing great and we don't have to see him for three months. Grace did super well at that appointment and even let them put the blood pressure cuff on her. I think the doctor was shocked at her turnaround in behavior. Last time she wasn't having anything to do with him. She's that way with most doctors except our pediatrician who is AWESOME. Now, her visit with the cardiologist I could tell wasn't going to be great because she woke up in a bad mood and it seemed his nurse did too. She was grumpy with Grace and she had a hard time getting the EKG stickers on. Grace worked herself up and had a hard time calming down. The cardiologist had to stay in the hallway to get an accurate pulse ox. But, he's pleased and is planning on doing the Fontan the summer of 2011 unless her o2 sats fall in the low 70s (which they were before the pulmonologist visit). So, it was good news there too. Now we are going to visit the pediatrician because she has this nasty cough that started last Sunday and it's waking her up. She's choking on all of the drainage, poor baby. I'm constantly jumping out of bed making sure she's okay. This lack of sleep is also triggering her night terrors (and it could also be the change in classrooms too). So, needless to say, I'm also lacking sleep. She fell asleep this evening at 6:00 (usually she goes down around 8:30). I should be asleep but I'm trying to catch up on work stuff (I was out at TLA last week and had a was nice seeing the other librarians that I don't usually get to see and seeing cutie Matt De La Pena!)

Sunday we went to my friend's daughter's birthday party and Kiddie Park. Grace wasn't feeling super great but she was a trooper. She was leery of the rides at first but I was proud that she tried them and she actually enjoyed them. I felt so bad when she wanted to get on the "bus" that kind of went fast. She wanted to get on and I made sure she was strapped tight. Her eyes were huge as it whipped around the corners and she had a death grip on the seat in front of her. I waved at her as she went by and kept yelling "You're doing great!" I don't think she'll ever think of the song, "The Wheels on the Bus" in the same way.


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