Monday, July 06, 2009

The Two Faces of Grace

My daughter has two faces: cookie face & The Empress Grace. Most of the time we get to have the sweet cookie face who laughs at Wipe Out and Cookie Monster chasing the letter O. But some of the time we get the Empress who is not at all pleased by anything and just wants to have a hissy fit about anything and everything: bottles, being held, being put down or when she has to take the yucky beta blocker. I feel bad when she has to take that medicine. We've really noticed that it is sapping her strength and she's incredibly wobbly. She had been making major walking attempts but now she falls because I think she's weak and dizzy. She may be pinker and less blue with the meds but she has had to give up walking for now. Poor baby. She is also not eating as much.

I also discovered by mistake while we were watching GMA, she likes country music, Blake Shelton to be exact. She was swaying to his song this morning and directing him like a music conductor.

I am scabbing up pretty well. My face is pretty much cleared. I accidentally hit one and it ripped off so I think I'll have a lovely scar! FUN! I think today I am going back to my house. I am looking forward to being in my own house and giving my parents back their space. I felt horrible that they have been going to bed early and not able to watch late night TV because we were there.

Tomorrow is the day that the doctor presents Grace's case to his colleagues. I'm praying that they get the ball rolling and that they are able to come to a medical consensus and that it will allow her the best medical intervention.


Denise said...

That's my girl, Grace! I'll be introducing her to all sorts of country music...oh and the concerts we will go to! yee-haw!!! Well aren't we ALL little empresses at some point in our lives?! I wanna squeeze that Coookie face of heres and plan to do so SOON!