Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Surgery Dates Set

Today was a successful day. We went to Wal-Mart by ourselves (meaning just Grace & me) without any incident except forgetting the jello and rice cereal. We had several visitors come and see us. Grace took an hour nap (well, just shy of an hour). She wasn't as fussy as she has been. She enjoyed her bath again and is sleeping on her mattress on the floor...I'm a little nervous about that. There are pillows everywhere s to help if she falls. I wish I had bought the side railings before I attempted this. Oh well...everything is a learning experience.

Her pedi cardiologist called and said that he presented her case this morning and the surgeons say they can fix her up and make her well. YEA! He thought it would be VERY complicated but he said these guys are the best. He knew I was anxious and tried to get me in this month. Unfortunately, the earliest they can schedule it is August 7th. She will be admitted on August 6th. I am supposed to go back to work August 10th, so I am going to have to call work and figure out how to do FMLA after coming off Adoption Leave. It stresses me out a little because I do care about my job. I know I have Shannon who is just as good as me but I don't want to give my principal the idea that I don't care about my job and my whole world is Grace. She (Grace) is my world, but I also have a career which allows her to be my world. It will all work out in the end. It always does. I have to remember that time is God's, not mine.

You know, I was looking at some of Grace's referral paperwork....I recommend that when parents get that paperwork, look at it with a grain of salt because a lot of times, it isn't totally true and your child will probably change. It can be a guide, but let me tell you, my daughter is not a moderate sleeper. She's incredibly restless and she needs to eat every 3 hours. That is why she'll wake up at 2 a.m. She needs the food for her body to function.

Tomorrow will be my month anniversary of being a mother. Like the president, I plan on giving my 30 day state of motherhood address!