Friday, July 10, 2009

I hate teething!

If I had a genie in a bottle right now, these would be my 3 wishes: heal my daughter's heart, have painless teething (or have all teeth come in and be pain free) & let my daughter sleep through the night!

We had a rough night last night. She was very restless. I ended up sleeping next to her on the floor from like 1 a.m. on. So far, she's doing well. I put her down an hour early and gave her the 10 p.m. meds while she was sleeping. She took them well.

We are trying to do something every morning because I have learned that my girl likes to be on the go. It's too freaking hot here (102) to do anything after noon...she doesn't do well in the heat (neither do I).

Well, in 2 weeks we meet with the surgeons and next week I am getting my hair cut. I can't wait because it's driving me nuts. I hope I get to see my friend Chris tomorrow before he leaves again for Virginia for the rest of the month.