Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My baby is REALLY a toddler

It happened today...she became a toddler. I don't know what she ate this evening but girlfriend was literally up and down and exploring and wanting to be in everything she shouldn't. She was walking or holding onto things to get where she wanted. She didn't want help and she wanted to be active girl. HOLY COW! The only way you would know that she's a heart baby is that she was breathing super hard and sometimes she had to take a little break. I can see that when her heart gets mended she is going to wear me out. She's also a little kissing bandit. When we were leaving my parents' house this evening she was kissing everybody including her cousin Brennan...she kept kissing him on the nose and giving her cousin Alex slobbery and licky kisses. I hope she makes sure to keep those kisses to family because I'd hate to hear that she's kissing all the boys in school!

She is a clever and resourceful child too. I was in the bathroom getting ready to go to lunch and I had put her in her vibrating chair in front of the mirror (she is vanity smurf as her Aunt D says)...she stood up, grabbed the trash can and used it as a "walker" to help her balance as she walked into the bathroom to see what I was doing. She was grinning ear to ear...she's so proud.

So far, the past two nights have been night terror free. Thank God! She does sleep very restless from like 2 to 5. When I give her the beta blocker at 5 a.m., she goes back into a more calm sleep. I hope that after the surgery, she'll sleep better.

Tomorrow is the big day where we meet the doctors. I should have a list of questions but I am so just kind of overwhelmed. I'll write them tomorrow before we go. I also found out we have to go and get more bloodwork done. YUCK!