Friday, May 08, 2009

Two steps forward,one step back

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I got the call I have been waiting for at 2:15 today. I got TA (travel approval) but it came with a downside. My province, Jiangxi is temporarily suspending adoptions because of the swine flu. That leaves my travel plans up in the air. I am supposed to be getting a daily update and my agency is supposed to be calling them every day. I'm hoping it will begin again next week. However, I just read on RQ that some agencies were getting appointments...maybe my agency isn't because there are so many of us (it's both sn (me) & nsn) going or the fact that my agency is in a state close to Mexico. Who knows? Speculation is not going to really help me. I just have to take a deep breath, relax and say the mantra that Shannon & I say to calm down, "Martina, Josephina Catalina Cucaracha" (it's a title of a Cuban folk tale with both love). I'm still happy...I got my TA. What's one more bump in this journey right? I have been waiting already almost 3 more week...easy schmeezy...yeah right!


Jonni said...

Congrats Jamie! YAY! Your baby girl is beautiful and your blog is so pretty as well. Thanks for saying hello on RQ and I can't wait to follow your journey. I am sending good luck your way in regards to your travel plans.


Best Friend Sandra said...

Finally got back on! (Remember I was having trouble signing on?)

Jame, sorry to say babe, but this is where your claws need to come out with regards to your agency. If they don't call you everyday, YOU call THEM. Ask persistent questions. Ask them WHY other agencies are going through with it. Do it, do it now!

One thing I've learned being a new mom is that when it comes to our children, you find ways to either break down or go around barriers. Sometimes it's pretty, sometimes it's not!

The swine flu crap seems to be dying down somewhat, although there was a report that someone else died from it I think here in the US. I wish these media idiots would stop all this frenzy about the SWINE flu. Regular flu has killed HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people, and Swine Flu has only killed less than 5 people here in the US. OK, I'm getting off my soapbox now.

What I will close with is this ~ yes, I am in a fiesty mood this morning, in case you haven't noticed ;-) Second, I have a "Happy Feeling" in my heart regarding you and Grace. It's not easy, but everything happens for a reason, but I am feeling like it is going to happen sooner than you think. Remember, I am psycho. Oops! I mean psychic.